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Monday, February 06, 2012

Magnitude 5 Earthquake rocks Iloilo City (February 6, 2012)

Around 11:49am February 6, everyone was surprised by a shocking tidal wave from the ground. A magnitude 5 earthquake hit Iloilo City with the epicenter located between Negros-Cebu region with a magnitude 6.9 and recorded more than 16 aftershocks as of 3pm and still on going and shutting down the power of the entire city. Offices and schools are temporarily suspended their services including malls and other establishments... In Negros, there are 11 confirmed dead as of 5pm Philippine time.

Tsunami Alert Level 2 was issued by PHILVOLCS but it was lifted around 2:30pm

Meantime, the Iloilo City Emergency Crisis Center reported several minor injuries and minor cracks seen in several establishments as initial reports reached their office.

Here's a map information about the earthquake
Courtesy of http://quakes.globalincidentmap.com/
More information of Earthquake

At 11:50 am, PEDC tripped due to the earthquake resulting to total blackout of PECO. PPC is starting up to temporarily dispatch the power requirements of the city until PEDC is online. The Panay Energy Development Corporation (PEDC) announced that the failure was due to a turbine trip.