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Friday, April 30, 2010

EARTHQUAKE SCANDAL (4.5 Tectonic Earthquake awakened Iloilo City 10:50PM April 30 2010)

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Before the event happened that night, the condition outside is totally calm but climatic situation is not good as far as I know. Some of Ilonggos are sleeping and dreaming quietly at that time and all of a sudden without warning, dreams turned into a horrifying nightmare. Horror and Panic started (April 30 2010) in Iloilo around 10:50PM UTC/GMT+8H when an intensity 4.5 earthquake wobbled the entire city and lasted several seconds or minute. According to an initial report posted on the US Geological Survey website (measuring accurate data of earthquakes), the epicenter of the earthquake was estimated to be 15 kilometers northwest of Iloilo City, at location 10.796°N, 122.471°E, with more or less 30.3 km certainty. The depth of the earthquake directly beneath the epicenter was estimated by the USGS at 65.1 km, with more or less 11.5 km certainty and based on data queries, it's a tectonic origin earthquake. Intensity 3.0 felt also in Bacolod City... There are no reports of casualties/injuries or damages in infrastructures during the earthquake aftermath in the city of Iloilo. Report details in some other provinces also experienced the tremor particularly in Oton, Leganes, Pavia, Guimaras, Guimbal, San Miguel, Alimodian, Leon, Tigbauan, Cabatuan, Janiuay, Lambunao, Pototan, Sta. Barbara, Lemery... (Please see Intensity Map data from Philvolcs below). The virtual map above shows the earthquake's epicenter location indicated in the place-marked(double click the image to zoom in and double right click to zoom out).

More Data from US Geological Survey Here

Satellite-Telemetered Waveform
Predicted Intensity Map

During Earthquake, know where the exits are and what to do.